Mike Sass

The Life and Times of Mike Sass
Part III

Mike Sass was restless. Mike Sass had been burned by love before. Mike Sass was not going to let that happen again. Not this time. Not with Dominique Snipple.

Dominique Snipple was different from the others. Dominique Snipple was strong but not too hard. And Mike Sass missed being with Dominique Snipple.

Mike Sass was lost without Dominique Snipple. Mike Sass had to pull out all the stops. But Mike Sass was at a loss to find Dominique Snipple.

So Mike Sass contacted Steve Zwang, and while comforting, Steve Zwang was no help. Steve Zwang didn't do much, just hanging around all day. And with all that free time, Steve Zwang jumped at the chance give Mike Sass some support.

Steve Zwang understood the pain Mike Sass felt. Steve Zwang had felt a very similar pain. But Steve Zwang did not show any ill-effects from it. Steve Zwang was easy-going and Steve Zwang let that sort of stuff slide right off.

The quest for Dominique Snipple was on, and Mike Sass along with Steve Zwang, was going to do what it takes.


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