Mike Sass

The Life and Times of Mike Sass
Part II

It was a rough day for Mike Sass. A day that would scar Mike Sass for some time.

Things started off as usual -- a quick shower and shave for Mike Sass. Then Mike Sass went to a local diner. You could see Mike Sass here almost every day. This morning Mike Sass felt empty. So what better way for Mike Sass to feel better than for Mike Sass to fill up with pancakes -- lots of butter and syrup.

Mike Sass started feeling perkier. That's when she walked in...

Dominique Snipple was radiant. Dominique Snipple moved gracefully across the diner towards Mike Sass.

Mike Sass felt flush. There was something about Dominique Snipple that excited Mike Sass. And Mike Sass knew that Mike Sass had a chance at love with Dominique Snipple.

Mike Sass got up and walked across the diner to where Dominique Snipple was. Mike Sass moved slowly, not wanting to startle Dominique Snipple. When close enough, Mike Sass gently touched Dominique Snipple. Dominique Snipple was hard and Mike Sass seemed to agitate Dominique Snipple.

Being forward, Mike Sass sat down across from Dominique Snipple. Mike Sass stared right at Dominique Snipple for what seemed like hours. Dominique Snipple warmed at the boldness of Mike Sass. They talked for hours while Dominique Snipple had milk. Mike Sass was still full from the pancakes.

Somewhere between childhood fantasies and career moves, Dominique Snipple burst out in tears. Dominique Snipple ran out of the diner, followed by Mike Sass. Dominique Snipple got in a cab, and, not wanting to make a scene with Mike Sass, Dominique Snipple waved off Mike Sass and Dominique Snipple disappeared.

Mike Sass was crushed. But Mike Sass was not going to let this be the end of it. Nothing was going to come between Mike Sass and Dominique Snipple!


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