Living Large with Gary Montague

Living Large with Gary Montague

Alternatives to a Healthy Lifestyle.

An exciting and fresh new voice has emerged, bringing you the real story in the world of health and fitness, an aspect of our culture that has been riddled with lies and misdirection – all for the financial gain of others.

When you open your eyes to read, you will open your eyes to the truth.

Exorcise Your Exercise

Posted August 25th, 2009

Introduction to a Series I was checking out Guy LaBrusciano’s Fitness The Right Way the other day and he’s got all these “great” ideas for exercises to help you get or stay fit. In other words, he’s trying to kill everyone. I’ll explain. When I was a younger man, I remember watching a Jane Fonda […]

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Diet is a four-letter word

Posted August 6th, 2009

I was surfing the WWW recently and I came across another one of those diet and fitness websites Fitness The Right Way and I began to contemplate the arbitrary and nefarious efforts of the propaganda machine behind “healthy living.” And I was reminded of what a great man once said, “The world don’t move to […]

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