Like many people in the public eye, I find myself hounded by the press. They're always trying to capture some public (or not so public) moment and reveal it to the world.

Here you will find some of the many pictures of me and some of my well-known friends.

Babies Got Back

Posted August 30th, 2012

Sure, it's a nice view from the front. But it's also an eyeful from the rear.


Ocean’s One

Posted August 27th, 2012

Sometimes when Clooney's "out of town," he'll ask me to take care of his lady to keep her distracted.


Olympic Spirit

Posted August 17th, 2012

You have to be very clear with Michael Phelps when he offers you a footlong.

Me and the Kardashii

Posted August 17th, 2012

You know, they're really not as terrible as you think... THEY'RE WORSE!

Dancing with a Star

Posted October 4th, 2011

Yeah, of course, Kristin Cavallari and I totally made out that night.

Jersey Shore, yo!

Posted September 4th, 2011

This photo is really embarrassing. I definitely need to work on my tan.

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