Like many people in the public eye, I find myself hounded by the press. They're always trying to capture some public (or not so public) moment and reveal it to the world.

Here you will find some of the many pictures of me and some of my well-known friends.

Workin Hard

Posted August 4th, 2011

I was supposed to go with Johnny Depp to this premiere, but in these tough times sometimes you gotta do work.

I’ve Got Your X Factor Right Here!

Posted July 4th, 2011

Sure, Simon Cowell is an asshole and Paula is unhinged, but when we go out it's always a great time. Not really sure who that black guy is though.

Whip It Good!

Posted July 26th, 2010

Here I am with Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis and Drew Barrymore. We were all stunned that a movie about female roller derby didn't do well.

On Tour with Miley Cyrus

Posted July 1st, 2010

Miley Cyrus

Miley will always have a special place in my achy, breaky heart.

More than Friends?

Posted June 8th, 2010

Special thanks to Angelina Jolie. Without her, I wouldn't have gotten a shot at Jennifer Aniston.

Babe Sandwich

Posted May 6th, 2010

Diablo Cody and Megan Fox were fighting over me all night.

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