Like many people in the public eye, I find myself hounded by the press. They're always trying to capture some public (or not so public) moment and reveal it to the world.

Here you will find some of the many pictures of me and some of my well-known friends.

Sean Connery is Awesome

Posted June 8th, 2005

Most people don’t know Sean actually has no accent.

Kate Winslet – Vavoom!

Posted June 8th, 2005

In a perfect world, we would all be this close to Kate Winslet.

J Lo and J Head

Posted June 8th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez catching a ride on my scoot.

Old Shot of N*Sync

Posted June 8th, 2005

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had stayed with the band.

Rebecca Romijn-JedsHead

Posted June 8th, 2005

Based on the dudes that she’s married, I guess I should be flattered it didn’t work out.

Me & Jenna Elfman

Posted June 8th, 2005

Obviously, she’s big fan.

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