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Hey, Hermano, We’re Sympatico!

Posted October 14th, 2009

Whenever a person dares to go against the status quo and take a stand against something that seems to be supported by one and all, it is important to make allegiances.

One cannot rage against the proverbial machine all by one’s self. One needs others to stand by or behind or near or adjacent to one’s position.

Health nuts like Guy LaBrusciano at Fitness the Right Way shout from the rooftops about “healthy” eating. He’s not alone. There’s certainly a myriad of other websites on the Internet telling you what you should or should not eat.

But what about what CAN be eaten – not should – but what is out there that can fit into your mouth and won’t necessarily kill you right away?

And so I was thrilled to find an organization sympathetic to my cause. An organization that actively celebrates the glory and the pure joy of an unhealthy lifestyle.

This Is Why You’re Fat is that organization. Even a casual stroll through their website reveals that these guys get it. Food is awesome and there’s ways to make food even more awesomer with a little creativity and care. They could have also called it This Is Why You’re Fabulous, but that’s just a bit too long.

Feel free to explore the full depths of their website. But make sure you have something to eat nearby or you may just try to eat your monitor. Just kidding. You probably wouldn’t do that. But I think that my exaggeration helps convey a more vivid picture.

You can also follow them on the Twitter with @tiwyf. I do. And it’s been an entirely satisfying experience.

Health and fitness nuts like Guy LaBrusciano at Fitness the Right Way are always telling you that you should watch what you eat. I agree. As long as what you are watching is awesome food going into your mouth.

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